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Note: Due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 7, Diagnosis for Crop Problems has been discontinued. This is an archive site which describes the software as it was at February, 2007. Some links have been made inactive where indicated.

Get the Diagnosis Player, the Student Diagnosis Builder and CHALLENGE FRAP

These are freeware!

Download them here.

Get the Standard (Tutor) Diagnosis Builder (No longer available)

To obtain the standard Diagnosis Builder, you must purchase it.  Paying for the standard Diagnosis Builder helps restrict it's availability (students would use it to cheat on scenarios if it was freely downloadable) and covers our admin costs.

(Note: Due to exchange rate fluctuations the $US prices quoted are only approximate.)

Full Version on CD-ROM (plus bundled scenarios) $A 156 $US 107
Full Version downloaded from the Web $A 110 $US 74

The standard Diagnosis Builder may be installed on to a single computer, or alternatively on to a maximum of twenty user machines located on the purchaser's premises at the one site.

Purchasers wishing to take advantage of the cheaper option of downloading Diagnosis from the Web will be sent an URL within a few days of ordering, after credit card details have been validated.

Ordering the Diagnosis Builder (No longer available)

Clicking the link below will take you to the Centre for Biological Information Technology, University of Queensland Shop, where you can order on-line.  Click the links to either software or teaching and then add Diagnosis to Crop Problems to your shopping cart.

Go to the CBIT UQ Shop (No longer sold)

Terry Stewart
Institute of Natural Resources
Massey University
New Zealand