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Note: Due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 7, Diagnosis for Crop Problems has been discontinued. This is an archive site which describes the software as it was at February, 2007. Some links have been made inactive where indicated.

A work-around for the on-screen debriefing problem which occurs with version 2.1 on Windows 2000 and NT

Diagnosis for Crop Protection version 2.0 and 2.1 does not allow an on-screen debriefing when run under Windows 2000 or NT.  The following text describes the problem and a work-around for it....

When a scenario is compiled with the "choose debriefing" option ticked in the builder program, a student should be able to view the debriefing on the screen immediately after they have finished the exercise.   This is the case in Windows 95/98 but this menu does not appear in Windows NT/2000.  However, as with Windows 95/98, a full debriefing is still written to the students *.dgn file.. If this file is viewed in Notepad or Write, then the whole debriefing is laid out there.  This is an automatic feature of the program and occurs where or not the "choose de-briefing" option was checked in the builder program at scenario compilation.

To avoid the confusion of presenting students with a menu which doesn't seem to work, we suggest switching off the screen debriefing in the scenario if running Diagnosis for Crop Protection 2.1 under NT/2000.  To do this, load the scenario into the Diagnosis Builder, ensure "choose debriefing" is un-ticked, then resave the scenario.

Even though the on-screen solution menu will not appear when the scenario is run in the player, the de-briefing will still be written to the users *.dgn file.   This means students, as before, will have a written debriefing when (or if) their scripts are printed out, graded and handed back to them.  If an immediate on-screen debriefing is desired, then users can open their *.dgn file in Write or Notepad, after finishing the exercise.

Hope this helps.

Better still, upgrade to Diagnosis for Crop Problems version 3.  This version is modern, mostly free and is fully Win32 compliant.

Terry Stewart
Institute of Natural Resources
Massey University
New Zealand