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Note: Due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 7, Diagnosis for Crop Problems has been discontinued. This is an archive site which describes the software as it was at February, 2007. Some links have been made inactive where indicated.


Help with writing scenarios

Developing scenarios can be difficult.  Where do you start?  Right-click to Download this MS Word Template, and work through it, filling in the example template with your own.  After adding your own content, you are ready to cut and paste in the Diagnosis Builder.

Free Diagnosis Scenarios

The following public domain scenarios are available for FREE download. These can be loaded and used in the Diagnosis Player.  

The quality of these scenarios will vary, and they are very specific to a particular geographical location, but with the Builder you can amend them to suit your own purpose and place.

Note these are for version 3.1 and will not work properly in version 3.0.  They were also written with the paid version of the Builder so they cannot be loaded into the freeware, Student version of the Builder.  

Simply click on the link in your browser. Enjoy!

Potato stem rot with multichoice (uses 3.1 features) potato_mc_v3_1.zip potato stem rot potato_v3_1.zip
Apple root rot
(with 2 video clips)
apple_v3_1.zip Citrus insect problem citrus_v3_1.zip
Mites in apples appmites_v3_1.zip Bean problem beans_v3_1.zip
Tomato discolourations tomato_v3_1.zip Poor growth in Kiwifruit kiwifruit_v3_1.zip
Sugar cane Problem sugcane_v3_1.zip melon malaise melon_seedlings_v3_1.zip
Wilt in Tomatoes (1) tomato1_v3_1.zip Camellia flower troubles camellia_v3_1.zip
Wilt in Tomatoes (3) tomato3_v3_1.zip Wilt in Tomatoes (2) tomato2_v3_1.zip
Soil Problem acid_v3_1.zip Wilt in Tomatoes (4) tomato4_v3_1.zip
Brassica Management brassica_v3_1.zip Azalea Management azalea1_v3_1.zip
Another tomato problem tomato5_v3_1.zip Cotton Problem cotton2_v3_1.zip
A 2nd  Banana problem banana3_v3_1.zip A Banana problem banana2_v3_1.zip
Strawberry insect problem straw1_v3_1.zip Gerbera problem gerbera_v3_1.zip
A 3rd Strawberry problem straw3_v3_1.zip Strawberry toxicity straw2_v3_1.zip
A 4th Strawberry problem straw4_v3_1.zip    

These scenarios have been written by ourselves, students, and other users of Diagnosis. Although we try to check them all, some may contain factual errors and copyrighted material. Massey University and the University of Queensland bears no responsibility for the suitability, accuracy or any possible copyright infringement (regarding images etc.) found in these scenarios.

Put your own scenarios in this list!

Why not share your scenarios with others? Send us your scenario as an attached email file and we'll put it in the list with the others. The more scenarios we can share, the more useful Diagnosis will become.

Click here to email your scenario to me (Please...if it's over 2Mb, break it up into separate postings.)

Terry Stewart
Institute of Natural Resources
Massey University
New Zealand