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Note: Due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 7, Diagnosis for Crop Problems has been discontinued. This is an archive site which describes the software as it was at February, 2007. Some links have been made inactive where indicated.


More information and Screen Shots

The Version 3 interface differs radically from Version 2.  Using components of Internet Explorer, the software offers a rich-text environment to users allowing easy use of images and fonts.

The software also supports hyperlinks, providing seamless integration with the Web.

The screen above shows an example of a customisable "Player" template used to explore the scenario.  The top bar allows students to return to the previous screen, view the initial information or collected items, enter a final diagnosis or seek help respectively.

The left-hand menu navigates the students through the scenario, allowing them to see information on locations and objects, and conduct interviews and tests.  The navigation selections can all be represented as intuitive icons.

The screen above shows an example of a test.  Note the familiar, web-form interface.  As with the description of objects and templates, the test template is very customisable.

Scenario construction is shown above.  The Diagnosis Builder and Player are integrated into one program in version 3.1, so scenario testing can be done while the scenario is being built. The "Windows-Explorer"-like section on the left-hand side allows for easy definition of locations, objects, interviews and tests, set out in a hierarchical structure.  The rich-text editor on the right-hand side defines the content of each node.

Terry Stewart
Institute of Natural Resources
Massey University
New Zealand