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Note: Due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 7, Diagnosis for Crop Problems has been discontinued. This is an archive site which describes the software as it was at February, 2007. Some links have been made inactive where indicated.

Upgrading design templates from 3.0 to 3.1

*IMPORTANT*. Any existing 3.0 or 3.0a scenarios you might have, will need to be amended with new templates for all the nodes present. This is a semi-automated process, so it is not too onerous.

Do the following... (Note: you may want to print a copy of these instructions)

  1. Copy the old scenario and store it somewhere as an "old" copy...(just in case!)
  2. Load the scenario into the builder
  3. Go to the first node under the root node which has the "main" template installed (this is the most common template)
  4. Under the extended tab click the template "change" button.
  5. Note which templates are already in use. It is these templates that will have to be updated. Fortunately, you only need to find one example of each.
  6. Click the "design templates on disk" icon. A list of the latest updated templates will appear. You will need to update your "in use" templates, with these newer ones.
  7. As you are on a node with a "main" template, select "main" from this "design templates on disk" list and (importantly) make sure the option at the bottom is selected for "apply to all nodes with the main template". Click OK. This will update all "main" templates on your disk.
  8. Find nodes with the other design templates in use (i.e. the ones you saw in step 4), and repeat the process. For example, find a node with a "collect" template and replace this one with the "collect" template from the disk. Providing you have selected "Apply to all nodes..." option, you do not need to go through all nodes. You just need to find one example of each template.  NOTE: If you have used the "referral" template somewhere, this needs to be replaced by the new template called "test". All other newer templates (i.e. the ones on disk) have the same names as the older ones.
  9. When finished, check the list of templates in use. If any have a number beside them (e.g. Main (2)) it means there are still old templates present. This should only occur if you failed to select the "Apply to all nodes..." option when you updated the nodes in the steps above. If you still have old templates in use, go through the scenario clicking on each node with that particular design template until you find the one with the old template. This will be indicated by the template label, which will have a number beside the name. Update it with the new template.
  10. Save the file. The scenario is now updated and ready for use with Diagnosis for Crop Problems 3.1

Terry Stewart
Institute of Natural Resources
New Zealand