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March, 2007 - Diagnosis for Crop Problems Discontinued

  • Due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 7, it was decided to discontinue this software line. A more generic successor can be found in PBL-Interactive.

May, 2006 - FRAP version 2.0 now available

  • Although the interface and functionality are similar, FRAP has been completly re-written so it doesn't conflict with Diagnosis for Crop Problems Data files, and for easier maintenance.

March, 2005 - FRAP Diagnostic guide/template now available.

  • Another freeware training tool for plant diagnosis is now available.  Read about it here.

January, 2005 - Student Builder now available.  

  • Free Student Builder available, which allows students to construct their own scenarios.  Diagnosis Player also freeware.  Website revised.  Demo withdrawn as most of the Diagnosis package is now freeware.

December, 2003 - Scenario Development Template available

  • This MS Word document can help with the planning and storyboarding of scenarios. (latest revision version 3 - 16th Jan, 2004)

August, 2003 - Version 3.1a released 22nd 

  • Tightened security on Windows 2000 and XP (for worms) prevented linking to a local resource on the hard disk (like a video or spreadsheet) from working.  A fix was developed for this.

30th June, 2003 - Version 3.1 released 

  • New templates to allow for sequenced scenarios and multi-choice questions.

  • Minor bug fixes in other design templates

  • Slightly better looking interface

Click here for screen shots and more information.

If you have a registered version of 3.0 or 3.0a and wish to upgrade to 3.1a, e-mail us with your name and address and we will send you a copy.

Note: Scenarios constructed in 3.0 will need their design templates upgraded. It is relatively painless. Click here to see how.

2nd October, 2002 - Version 3.0a (2nd Edition) released 

Diagnosis checks for Office XP and stops it activating Office's "Install on Demand" feature when the Builder software is activated. This is a recognised bug in Office XP.

Version 3.0a released

This maintenance version repairs a few bugs and omissions in Version 3.0 notably...

  • Important Clues now appears in the on-screen debriefing, if the on-screen briefing is selected.
  • Office 2000 bug. If Office 2000 was installed in the default mode on the machine being installed to, Diagnosis would often boot up the Office installer when the builder was activated. This was because Office 2000 thought an html editor was needed and activated its "Install on Demand" feature. It's a recognised bug in Office 2000 with Windows NT, 2000, ME and 98. Diagnosis now checks for Office 2000 and stops it from doing this. 
  • Other minor bug fixes carried out to improve stability.

We have also decided to make the Diagnosis Player available free of charge at this time. 

What's New in Version 3.0 

Diagnosis for Crop Protection Version 3.0 is a major upgrade from 2.1, designed to make the software fully compatible with Windows 2000 and NT.  New features include...

  • The use of Internet Explorer functionality to provide a familiar, rich-text "browser-like" Interface

  • Standard Windows 95/98/NT/2000 interface conventions

  • A radically redesigned Builder using a Windows Explorer hierarchical metaphor for constructing scenarios

  • The ability to provide on-line help to students during a scenario session

  • A cost can be added to any activity

  • Support for Internet links

  • User-defined menus, locations and objects allowing full customisation of any scenario situation

Terry Stewart
Institute of Natural Resources
Massey University
New Zealand